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Introduction to Our Thorough Medical Checkup
※By appointment only. Examinations are not covered by health insurance.

Upper Digestive Tract Endoscopy

We examine the pharynx, larynx, vocal cords, esophagus, stomach, and duodenum. Observations using different staining techniques will discover micro cancers. An ultra-precise examination or tissue biopsy may be needed to find esophageal cancers. Every patient receives an H. pylori test. If the test is positive, eradication therapy will be administered. Usually eradication therapy involves certain predetermined drugs for every patient, but those drugs lower the success rate of eradication. In our clinic, we perform culture tests, investigate which drugs are effective for the H. pylori of each patient, and prescribe the appropriate individualized drugs for eradication. As a result, the eradication rate is over 99%. We removed many early gastric cancers by endoscopy as well.

Lower Digestive Tract Endoscopy

An endoscope is inserted from the anus and rectum through the appendix or a part of the small intestine for the examination. The examination by the highly skilled director of the clinic finishes in 3–5 minutes. The painless and safe Shinya Insertion Method makes the examination from the rectum through the appendix possible in 100% of cases even if the intestines are long or intestinal adhesions are found. We focus on detecting precancerous polyps, and we have removed many polyps and early colon cancers. As a rule, the polypectomy is a same-day procedure and causes no complications or damage to the intestines. Patients can resume normal activities the next day, travel on business, or play sports.

For the colonoscopy, a pre-procedure laxative is necessary to empty the intestines. We devised a proprietary method to reduce the dose as much as possible. We are also considerate about the taste so that taking a laxative should not cause distress.Please do not worry even if you have restrictions on water intake due to illness or do not like to drink water because our pre-procedure methods, which do not require much water intake, are individualized and appropriate.

Histopathologic Examination

A histopathologic examination may be performed during the endoscopy. Pathologists at the test center use microscopes for this critical examination of tissue in the search for benign or malignant lesions. The problem is that even if found early and tested histopathologically, the cancer may be untreated and a cure may not be possible if the pathologist erroneously diagnoses the lesion as benign. There are vast differences in skills between pathologists. In our clinic, reliable pathologists make diagnoses. Additionally, the director of the clinic, who studied in the pathology laboratory of an authoritative pathologist, double-checks under a microscope. If needed, we may request a few test centers for diagnoses as a double- or triple-check.

Blood Tests

In addition to the common tests of liver and kidney functions, about 50 tests, including tumor markers, cardiac hormones, thyroid functions, and rheumatism tests, will be performed. Genetic and immunological tests are also available.

Ultrasound Examination (neck, heart, abdomen, mammary glands)

Experienced technologists perform thoroughly examinations with state of the art ultrasound instruments. Ultrasound images are double-checked by a physician.

Customized Thorough Medical Checkup

We cooperate with a test center specializing in diagnostic imaging of the whole body. The test center is equipped with a CT scanner with 1/10 of a common exposure dose and the only cutting-edge diagnostic instrument in Japan.

● Head MRI/MRA
● Chest CT
● Abdominal CT
● Abdominal MRI/MRCP
● Gynecology (uterus, ovary) MRI
● Breast MRI
● Prostate MRI
● Heart and coronary artery CT
● Other

We propose a thorough, customized medical checkup plan that combines endoscopy, ultrasound examination, blood tests, MRI, and CT to match each patient’s lifestyle and requests.

Preventive medicine requires a comprehensive understanding of the status of the whole body to ensure proper health.

Diagnostic imaging is double-checked by a radiologist in the test center and our physician.

The results of a thorough medical checkup will be provided in a detailed report and fully explained by the physician.

If special treatment is necessary as a result of examinations, we will refer you to physicians of the highest standard in each area of medicine.