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About Our Clinic

Early Detection and Early Treatment

Cancer in the early stages often shows no symptoms. If found early, however, cancer can be easily and painlessly removed with an endoscope without surgery. We advocate early detection and early treatment. Our clinic opened in 1997; we specialize in endoscopic examinations and endoscopic treatment.

Periodic Checkups

Periodic examinations are important for the early detection and treatment of cancer. The examinations should be safe and painless. However, periodic examinations alone are not sufficient. It is important for a highly skilled physician to perform the examinations.


In our clinic, endoscopies are safe and painless because we employ the Shinya Insertion Method developed by Professor Hiromi Shinya, a leading expert in endoscopy. To ensure that the level of medical skills in our clinic remain high, we do not hire inexperienced or part-time physicians. Examinations are performed by the director of the clinic, who has performed over 200,000 examinations and surgeries without incident. We are also selective about medical technology and use the latest medical devices for the examination.

Painless Examination

In our clinic, patients are injected with a mild sedative or a sleeping drug for the endoscopy and undergo the examination while asleep. Our clinic introduced this method, which had been used overseas, into Japan. Since then, we have used safe, cutting-edge methods that have been continuously improved.

Infection Control

We use a large volume of flowing antiseptic solution for complete sterilization and washing after every endoscopic examination/treatment using a proprietary complete disinfection system (washing and disinfection apparatus for cable assembly). Regular bacteriological examinations (high-precision test with an enrichment method) ensure sterile conditions at all times. Disposables are also used as much as possible.

Recommended Thorough Medical Checkup of the Whole Body

A comprehensive understanding of the status of the stomach and intestines, as well as that of the whole body, is a critical component of preventive medicine. A whole body examination is possible because of our cooperation with a test center that specializes in diagnostic imaging and is equipped with state of the art diagnostic apparatuses. Our network of physicians has the highest level of medical skills in each area of medicine. If special treatment is necessary as a result of an examination, our system will provide high-quality treatment.